Show Schedule

Hey Everybody,

I used to have a schedule listing the shows I would be doing throughout the year. Because of the nature of the business, it is practically impossible to layout a complete show schedule months in advance. As artists, we apply to shows in hopes of being juried in. We apply to shows in March for a show we hope to be doing in October. Fortunately, I am able to be invited to many of these shows. However, sometimes I'm not. I also make a point of mixing things up. I might do a show for a couple of years and then pick up a different show the following year. It's good to keep things fresh... 

I will be posting on Twitter and Facebook the week of the show to give a heads up that I will be at a particular event. I really enjoy doing the shows. I get a kick out of the people and their reactions to the cartoons. I like working hard for people who enjoy my stuff. However, I don't like being away from the people I love, my wife and kids. I am trying to concentrate on the mail orders from the website and do fewer shows. 

Feel free to order online or better yet give me a call at the studio, 816-213-8773, and I can take the information directly over the phone to maximize the personalization.